ERUPTION /// new digital release

Eruption duo (( Manja Ristic & Ivana Grahovac )) are multi-instrumentalists who achieved an extraordinary communication in the sphere of cognitive improvisation. Life long collaboration, development and integration of ideas produced unique sensibility - an undivided musical spirit with distinctive emotional language that comprehends sound dimension as fully material notion constantly inducing change in the multilayered narratives. 

Depth of the energy based transfers reveal advanced intuitive skills and highly creative mediation of sub conscious contents. Ivana & Manja breath together in every moment while transcending yet untold stories deeply hidden in wondrous stratums of psyche. 

Enochian diaries is a session dedicated to an old piano kept for a long time in Ivana's family. The album is knitted with unusual treatment of an instrument, but also with carefully chosen field recordings such are sounds of Byford's forest which is located right opposite of the Ivana's old family house as well as astronomical sound recordings of Jupiter atmosphere such is Jovian chorus. 

Guest performer is Serbian ambient artist Marko Paunovic who contributed with samples of analogue radio frequencies and electricity sound interventions. 

Recorded in Studio AVALA, May 2016
released June 6, 2016 
Manja Ristic, piano, violin, pencil, field rec, composition & editing 
Ivana Grahovac, piano, cello, sound objects 

Marko Paunovic, radio frequencies, electricity sound intervention 
NASA sounds 

Cover image: Jupiter's red spot recorded by Voyager 1 (1979)