REVEIL 2016 /// SoundCamp

ArtSync Radio is participating in SOUNDCAMP 2016 /// 
Date: 05.00am on 30 April to 6am 1 May  2016 ~ 

SoundCamp is a series of outdoor listening events on International Dawn Chorus Day, linked by Reveil: a 24 hour broadcast of the sounds of daybreak, relayed live by audio streamers around the globe. 
Soundcamps in the UK will be at: Stave Hill Ecological Park, London (SoundCamp); South Lakes, Cumbria (Octopus Collective); Camber Sands, E Sussex  (Radio Arts); Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon (Soundart Radio); Bridport, Dorset (DIVAcontemporary); Penryn Cornwall (End of The World Garden). And in: Acra, NY (Wave Farm); Chicago, Illinois (Radius); Romania (Mazi); South River, Ontario (NAISA); Fortore, Italy (Interferenze, Liminaria); Ljubljana, Slovenia (CONA), Po~lva County Estonia (John Grzinich, Veljo Runnel), Sandfly, Tasmania (Julia Drouhin)

Additional Live streams from: Jeju Island, Korea (Jiyeon Kim, Gang il Yi), Hanoi, Vietnam (Nhung Nguyen), Tanzania (Maweni Farm), Rethymno, Crete (Katerina Tzedaki), La Pampa, Argentina (Fabian Racca), Morretes, Brazil (Luciano Breves), Cologne (Udo Noll), Noosa River, Brisbane (Leah Barclay), Sukanta Majumdar (Kolkata, India)
Listen online at Wave Farm Radio or participating stations. Use the #Reveil2016 hashtag to join us online.
For more information on camping, visiting, listening, broadcasting, or contributing a stream, please visit

Workshops with: Rob St John (hydrophones), Geoff Sample and Dan Stowell (dawn chorus walk), Magz Hall, Tony Whitehead, David Rogers, Mandy Rathbone and ivon oates (listening walk and audio editing workshops), 2.times do (Raspberry pi streambox), Bram Thomas Arnold and Paul Chaney.

Partners include: Locus Sonus (open microphone network); Wave Farm's WGXC-FM (US broadcast); Resonance (UK broadcast); NAISA, Radius, Cona, CRiSAP.

Reveil starts in Rotherhithe near the Greenwich Meridian and travels West from one open microphone to the next, following the wave of sound that loops the earth with the rising sun, picking up audio feeds from forest cams, very low frequency receivers, deep ocean hydrophones, urban centres and a network of soundcamps and streamers, in a sequence lasting one earth day.

Soundcamp 2016 is supported by Arts Council England, B3Media, Heritage Lottery Fund, Southwark Neighbourhoods Fund, SHED