ImprovE 2.26

Assaf Gidron (laptop, casio keyboard)
Assaf Gidron is a composer, improviser and sound designer. Originally from Tel Aviv, where he was part of the local experimental electronic music scene, Assaf studied composition in London and The Hague before moving to New York in 2014. Assaf's recent work focuses on economical setting of lyrical gestures. Assaf works as sound designer for film and collaborates often with Berlin/LA based indie film production outfit Spektakulativ Pictures.

Teodora Stepančić (piano)
Teodora Stepančić is active in fields of contemporary music, free improvisation, music theater and performance art. She is collaborating with many composers, performing and premiering their pieces . As a performer and composer she appeared all over Europe, Middle East, North and South America on the festivals such as BBC Proms (London), Gaudeamus Music Week, Dag in de branding, International review of composers, BEMUS (Belgrade), Zwei tage Zeit (Zurich), Hawler International Theater Festival, Erbil (Kurdistan/Iraq). She is a pianist of Ensemble Modelo62 and Ensemble Studio 6. Teodora is also performing and collaborating with Rosa ensemble, Netherlands Blazers Ensemble, Veenfabriek, Diamantfabriek, Opera Spanga, Asko Schoenberg ensemble, Holland Symfonia and others. She was founding member of several ensembles focused on experimental music, improvisation and performance: SZ, Den Haag All Stars, RIO and The Endless Maladies. Teodora studied piano and composition at the University of Art in Belgrade and composition at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. She also finished ballet school. She won the first prize on the 2nd Pre Art Composition Competition in Zurich, Switzerland, was a finalist of PJC composition competition in the Netherlands and won prizes on the international competitions as a pianist. Teodora was artist in residence in Villa Strauli, Winterthur, Switzerland and in Studio LOOS, Den Haag. She attended many piano workshops with renowned pianists as well as composition courses. In 2010 she took part at the International Summer course for New music Darmstadt with Ensemble Modelo62.

Andagainandagain (laptop, voiceloops)
Andagainandagain is an ambient – electro-acoustic duo established as a synthesis of a cold ambient (Pièces froides) and textual researches followed on from the radical (l=a=n=g=u=a=g=e) practice of the latter part of XX century. They see their music as a constant matter situated between the respective methods of reduction and repetition which, accompanied by theoretical –poetic speeches on the very process of creation, they introduce into the lecture performance field. In September 2013 they had their debut album released by a Spanish label 48LAWS. In August 2014, their track ‘oO’ appeared on the compilation ‘Sequence8’ (Future Sequence). The intense concert activity also resulted in a split release with a Berlin musician Aidan Baker for Italian label Manyfeetunder. Another live recording from Sofia, recorded for Bulgarian National Radio, has recently appeared on Cathedral Transmissions.

Eruption Duo (violin, cello, objects)
ERUPTION appears on Belgrade artistic scene in the late 90' as an electro-acoustic duo, bringing progressive approaches in instrumental string performing.
Two then students of Belgrade Music Academy – Manja Ristić, violin and Ivana Grahovac, cello – started the series of experimental sessions and improv concerts with the aim of discovering new synthesis in auditive arts. While researching  acoustic capacities of their instruments and at the same time building solutions for interpretation of specific electro-acoustic textures, duo focused on developing performing skills toward intuitive improvisation and live composing.
Since 98' duo collaborated with wide range of academic composers, multimedia artists, conceptual artists, underground musicians, theater and movie directors. After performing at the celebration of 150 years from Nikola Tesla's birth (2006), ERUPTION started permanent collaboration with Rastko Lazić, progressive electronic music composer and performer.
Some of the improv/conceptual performers ERUPTION collaborated with: Tomaž Grom, Giovanni di Domenico, Mathieu Calleja, Pak Yan Lau, Exploding Plastics, Igor Stangliczky, Matjaž Manček, Brane Zorman, Birgite Lyregaard, Rune Kaagaard, Ivan Kadelburg, Daniel Buess, Antoine Chessex, Saskia Edens, Bettina Wenzel, Georg Wissel, Carl Ludwig Hubsch, Echo Ho, Blank Disck, Milana Zarić, Nenad Marković, Franceska Mizzoni, Ivan Jovanović, Mina Mitrušić, Anna Tretter, Marica Radojčić, Ivana Vukosavljev, James Watts...