Anna Friz! City at Night

Anna Friz: City at Night >>>> lecture 9.12.2013, 7.00pm >>>>> 
workshop 9. – 11.12.2013, 7.00 – 10.00pm >>>>> 
KC Tobačna 001 / MGML, Ljubljana;
There is no admission fee for workshop, but number of available places is limited, so please book in advance:

Radio and transmission artists have long sought to transform radio from an apparatus of information diffusion to an apparatus of communication; contemporary transmission artists also propose radio as an apparatus for sonification of the electromagnetic spectrum, for experiencing radio as instrument, as landscape, and as space of social self-consciousness and reverie. Pull radio out of the studio and out of the box, radio becomes a frame for a series of relationships, near and far; of visible gestures meeting invisible electro-magnetic interactions; of a circuit that brings formerly far-flung bodies into contact, allowing for something unexpected to happen.
Anna Friz will give a lecture and listening session on the history of radio and transmission art, the predominant conceptual concerns among transmission artists, and discuss her own artistic practice.

These 3 days will provide an opportunity for exchange, collaboration, contestation, and idea generation. The goal is for the group to consider different approaches to sound, signal, performance, and urban space, and to germinate new works for presentation/broadcast in January 2014. Anna Friz will introduce and facilitate discussion on the City at Night concept, including historical dimensions of urban life after dark, and consider various examples of artistic practices which activate or critically engage the idea of the city. Participants will each give a short presentation of their work to the group. The group will work together to generate ideas, concepts, practices, and give feedback; and may also undertake some experiments or explorations of city space.

Anna Friz is a Canadian sound and radio artist currently based in Chicago. She specializes in multi-channel transmission systems for installation, performance, and broadcast, where radio is the source, subject and medium of the work. She also composes works for theater, dance, film and solo performance that reflect upon public media culture or reveal interior landscapes. She has performed and exhibited widely across North America, South America, and Europe, and her radio art/works have been heard on the airwaves of more than 20 countries. Anna holds a Ph.D. in Communication and Culture from York University, Toronto, and recently completed a post-doctoral fellowship in the Sound Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is a free103point9 transmission artist. Production: CONA
Coproduction: KC Tobacna001 / MGML

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